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Map of Wyandott City, Kansas ca. 1855

Portrait of Wililam Walker, Jr., William Walker (1800–1874) and his first wife, Hannah. Walker was a Wyandot Indian leader and the first provisional governor of Nebraska Territory which also encompassed the present-day state of Kansas.

Quarter plate daguerreotype of Silas Armstrong, Sr. former Head Chief of the Wyandot tribe.

Portrait of John W. Grayeyes, son of Esquire Grayeyes and onetime Head Chief of the Wyandot Nation

Portrait of Isaac Brown, son of Adam Brown, brother of Nancy Quindaro Brown Guthrie

Portrait of Abelard Guthrie
Daguerreotype portrait of Abelard Guthrie, one of the founders of the Quindaro Township, and husband of Nancy Quindaro Brown Guthrie.

Page one of the diary of John Greyeyes

Portrait of Nancy Quindaro Brown Guthrie, daughter of Adam Brown and wife of Abelard Guthrie. Namesake of Quindaro town site, Wyandotte County.
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